Chemical peels

The word “peel” literally means “remove the outer layer”, or “refine”. In effect, this is a process of
exfoliating horned cells to improve the visual appearance and the overall condition of the skin.
A special place among various peels is occupied by the chemical peel. It consists not in mechanical
exfoliation which does not exclude skin damage, but in a dissipation of dead cells in the superficial skin layer upon contact with peel components. As a rule, organic acids are the active components of
chemical peel.

Stages of chemical peels:
1. Pre-peel treatment: skin adaptation to the acid and evening out of the upper layer to ensure better penetration of peel solution. It begins 2 weeks before the procedure.
2. Peel treatment: receiving the desired result depending on the choice of the active acid. It is performed on protocol. The concentration, pH and exposure time are determined by cosmetician.
3. Post-peel treatment: prevention of complications and fixing the result of a peel. Homecare solutions are prescribed by the specialist, and clients have to carry out all the instructions. It is also necessary to use all day shield sunscreens with SPF 30 or higher.

Indications for chemical peel:
- problem-prone skin (post acne, blackheads, comedones)
- hyperpigmentation
- low-toned, not elastic, loose skin
- age-related skin changes
- photoaging (skin affected by excessive UV radiation)
- scars and stretch marks
- oily skin with enlarged pores
- thickening of the horny layer which results in skin roughness
- dull complexion
- as a preparatory stage before deeper and more serious cosmetological procedures
- couperose
- wrinkles

Individual treatment 45€/45min
A course of 3 Treatments 120€