Microcurrent facelift

Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that triggers chemical reactions at a cellular level in order to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits, and re-educate the muscles of the face. The result is immediate firming, smoothing, and re-hydration of the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Microcurrent lifts, sculpts and tightens, provides immediate results, and has no downtime. Microcurrent can relax and smooth wrinkles and lift sagging facial muscles. It is also a secret weapon for alleviating acne. It's like yoga for your face.

The treatment works on the principle that the body is like a machine with electrical impulses running through it. These electrical impulses run through the skin and muscles, controlling the occurrence of chemical reactions, which determine the tone and elasticity in the skin and muscles. As the body ages, the impulses grow weaker so that the chemical reactions no longer occur at the same speed.

The main uses of a micro-current facial treatment
- softens lines, wrinkles, and creases
- maintains youthful contours
- improves the condition of an aging skin
- reduces areas of puffiness or fluid retention
- improves muscle condition and function, depending on the technique used - loose muscles become toned and tight muscles are stretched
- improves the appearance of the skin by improving color and texture
- softens scar tissue in the area
- improves the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes

Individual Treatment 55€